Up Coming EventS               

Sept 16, 2023: Live Music: Gerardtoo Detoo 2-5pm

Sept 23, 2023Live Music: Off the Record Band 2-5pm Bad Apple is Turning 9!!

Sept 29, 2023: Live Music: Open Mic Graham Bedard 7-10pm

Sept 30, 2023Live Music: Fresh Breath 2-5pm Bad Apple Fall Craft Market 1-4pm

Oct 7, 2023: Huron County Oktoberfest Tour: Live Music: Panash 2-5pm

 Oct 14, 2023:  Bad Apple Oktoberfest!! Live Music: Side Road Reunion 2-5pm, Food Vendor: Smokin Road Q

Oct 21, 2023: Live Music: Dave Menard 2-5pm

Oct 27 2023: Open Mic with Graham Bedard 7-10pm

Oct 28 2023: Live Music Ashley Dawn 2-5pm Halloween fun  🎃

Nov 4 2023Live Music: J-Me Shrier 2-5pm

Nov 11 2023Live Music: Stelle & Carter 2-5pm

Nov 18 2023Live Music:  Chris Eh Young 2-5pm

Nov 24 2023: Open Mic with Marcel Gelinas

Nov 25 2023Live Music: Annette Grotentrasst 2-5pm 

Dec 2 2023Live Music: Paul McInnis Trio 2-5pm 

Dec 9 2023Live Music: Stelle & Carter 2-5pm

Dec 16 2023Live Music: Martin Gelinas 2-5pm

Dec 23, 2023Live Music: Marcel Gelinas 2-5pm


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