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You will notice when arriving at Bad Apple that we have lots of apple trees here. The property we operate from used to be a large commercial orchard called Ducharme's Orchard. There is just under 5 acres of property left after it was severed before we purchased the property. Long story short, this means we can't currently get licensed in Ontario to be a Farm gate winery that would allow us to make and sell our own cider from our location.

Instead, when our friends opened a winery just down Highway 21 from us, and asked if we would like to make cider with them, with juice from our apples- We agreed it was the perfect solution! 

So in 2019, we started shipping the juice down to Cornerfield Winery and working together to make delicious ciders that can be sampled and purchased just down the road at their winery.  See their website to read about their story and amazing wines and the ciders:

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